“My heart beats of joy when you leave any of our events, workshops, retreats, conferences or one-on-one session feeling uplifted, inspired, spoiled, loved, equipped and empowered”

– Bianca Welsh  


The beautiful journey started at a young age when I, Bianca Welsh, knew that the mission in my life was to uplift & motivate woman of all ages. Growing up in a small town, Fochville, I visualized & dreamed about the journey that will take me to the day where it will all become a reality.  It was destined in my being, in my core to inspire, uplift and motivate women off all ages. My life story took a few turns, highlights, up’s and down, laughter and sacrifices creating a story filled with memories and tests that would later become my testimony. I was born a leader and passionate about the beauty of life. Crowned as beauty queen on many occasions and the highlight of being the Junior Miss South Africa title holder in 1999 created an open door to inspire young ladies with a message of self worth, confidence and believe. Out of this passion a grooming and etiquette school was born and for 8 years I invested my time and passion into young women over the Gauteng region. While being a busy entrepreneur with a grooming school and events business my prince charming, aka Frikkie Welsh, former professional rugby player stole my heart and we got married in 2006. My role changed from being self centered to being a wife and the focus started shifting to becoming a woman after God’s heart so that I could be the wife, mother and woman that God created me to be. My husband’s rugby career took us to France where we lived for 2 years.  This was the time where God really started evoking the desire in my heart to inspire women with a message of hope, love & faith.               

Life in France was good and special with a new addition to the family my little princes were born in this beautiful country. After two years in France doors closed and a new season was on the horizon. Back in South Africa God led us to make our home Cape Town. Our son Caleb was born (now we had the perfect pigeon pair). Life suddenly made a change and the new season in our life became a reality. a Wilderness season made its appearance. This was the season where we as a family grew stronger, we walked by faith and not by sight, a season of character building, lots of life lessons and amazing growth. This was a season I will not exchange for anything because it made me a better person.   

Through it all I realized that a healthy body creates a healthy mind, soul and spirit so I started FitMOM100. With a love for wellness and fitness I used this as a tool to reach women. My drive was to help moms find a balance. 
  “I believe that any woman who feels confident in herself are a powerful warrior in Christ”     


After a 7 year journey full of tests, trials and lots of tears I made a promise that I will exalt God’s Name above all Names and testify of His goodness.  My Story will have a Voice! My test became my testimony, my mess became my message and my trails my triumph. It was time...to empower, embrace, equip and inspire the women of this nation as I was destined to do.

I am called for a time like now!
I had a glimpse of both worlds and today I can relate with those who have much and those who have little. Through it all I learned one big lesson, God lets everything work out for the good for those who love him. With a humble heart I can now inspire and share the message of hope with other women. 

E-WOMAN became a reality when I hosted the 1st E-WOMAN event in March 2015. The heart of E-Woman is to empower, embrace and equip women.

My hearts desire is that E-WOMAN will bless you and that you will experience His goodness.

All glory to God.






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