“My heart beats of joy when you leave any of our events, workshops, retreats, conferences or one-on-one session feeling uplifted, inspired, spoiled, loved, equipped and empowered”

– Bianca Welsh  

... is to empower, embrace and equip women all over South Africa.

They will be spoiled emotionally, physically and spiritually, feel inspired and uplifted while enjoying the beautiful fellowship of amazing women and experience how they laugh without fear of the future. We celebrate women and believe that each one are called for a time like this… We encourage women to share their stories of hope we honour each journey, each testimony and celebrate each victory. At E-WOMAN we love the beauty of creation, the beauty of life and the beauty of being a woman. We are the crown of creation, the heartbeat of our house, life giver, life saver and life producer. Without us it is incomplete! We are Women! We are E-WOMAN! 




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