“My heart beats of joy when you leave any of our events, workshops, retreats, conferences or one-on-one session feeling uplifted, inspired, spoiled, loved, equipped and empowered”

– Bianca Welsh  

Roses are a reflection of...

... the Creators active existence and presence in nature and in our lives. It symbolizes God at work in many ways and situations. It speaks of beauty and detail. As this universal flower blossoms, its buds gradually open to reveal beautiful layers, an illustration how spiritual wisdom unfolds in our life journey, free in Christ, through faith covered with grace. The rose reminds us of how perfect God designed us in His image. The softness of the rose expresses the beauty and gentleness of a woman.  Roses are timeless so is our Creator. The strong sweet fragrance brings to mind beauty and love ... which is the essence of God. 




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