"Look at me,I will lead you, stay focused on the path. When you reach your destination it will be breathtaking. As you walk trust Me. Stop, breath, become still. Look at the detail.
Enjoy the journey. I will spoil you. When the mountain is steep, I am with you. Stop, take a deep breath. Stop, I will take your hand. Trust Me,you are nearly at the top.
I am your guide. I am your compass. It will be so worth it. I long for quite time with you. In nature you will feel My presence. When I created all the beauty around you, I did it with you in mind. My bride, you are beautiful. Stop, I am in the silence. 
I go before you. Trust Me. Are you tired? We are almost there. Your reward will be so worth it. You have arrived. Taste, look and see I am your God." 

Just as we go through life it is sometimes tough, like climbing a mountain. But during life we need to STOP. BREATH. LOOK AT THE DETAIL. Doing life we often forget to stop... we need to make time, we need to stop and make time and spend time with Father God. God is in the silence of His voice. We need to stop and seek Him more. God says draw near to me and I will draw near to you. Take a deep breath, He has everything under controle. Place your burdens on Him. Look at the detail during your journey. He is in the detail. Do not miss the detail. Seek God in your journey. He is the creator of heaven and earth. He is creative and so into detail. Life is beautiful but why do we miss it? Like climbing the mountain some of us never gets to the top to experience the breathtaking views. Some gives up half way... Stop. Breath. Look at the detail and God will renew your strenght. Keep going. You are nearly there. Stay focused on the path and on God's promises. When you are weak you are strong. You can do it. It will be so worth it. God knows the end from the beginning. No mountain, no journey is to tough with God on your side, God will lead you, guide you and bless you. He will not leave you nor forsake you. You are nearly there STOP. BREATH. LOOK AT THE DETAIL. 

So as we came down from the mountain I asked God to spoil me with something special.I stopped, breathed and looked at the detail. And there it was ....the most beautiful little "rose". ( you know the rose in my e-woman logo, yes God gave me a rose in the mountain that looks just like my e-woman rose) He is so into detail. Wow! It is beautiful. Climb your mountain, do not give up. Face your fears, it will be worth it. Even when you are tired, keep going. God will spoil you along the way. Choose not to give up. If you are tired take a deep breath and keep going. Look for the detail. Big or small. Stay to the path. 

See photo of this beautiful rose attached. 

So my dear friend STOP. BREATH. LOOK AT THE DETAIL. 

"Be still and know I am your God"! 

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