It was freezing cold, raining and the wind was blowing like crazy ( for me it felt like 100km/per hour, lol)My friend and her daughter had to fly back to JHB that day but the little girl wanted to go to the beach one more time. We all agreed to join them.The part of the beach where we went was full of rocks. Keep in mind the wind was blowing so much that we could barely hear each other speak. My friend had R170 cash in her jeans pocket. After spending time in the freezing cold weather on the beach we walked back. She promised the kids that she would buy them icecream at the harbour. We arrived at the icecream shop as she wanted to take out the money there was nothing, she realized she must have dropped the cash on the rocks when she took out her tissues. So you can just imagine the kids dissapointment. The next moment I heard the Holy Spirit say: " Do you believe that I would have kept the cash for you?" O my word, I said Lord please repeat...and I heard it again. I asked my friends the same question and they said No Way! It is not possible, the wind is blowing like crazy, it is storming weather and we are right next to the water.
I decided to walk back in faith. It was a long distance walking against the wind but I had to walk by faith and not look at the conditions. As I arrived at the rocks I said God it is freezing cold, I have walked all this way please don't let me have done so for nothing. I stood right next to the water in the blowing wind and prayed: Lord I have walked through the stormy weather, it was not nice but I hold to the promise that you have kept the money for me. Lord this is my prophetic action , please let this be a mirical that will glorify your Name Lord. I have walked by faith and not by sight. I looked around and a voice said look down and right there between two rocks was the cash!! O my word I nearly fell in the sea of excitment. HE KEPT IT FOR ME!!!!!! I picked it up and it was only R70, but Lord this is not all of the money and God said the R100 is for someone else.
I walked back amazed by how powerful God is. It does not matter what storm you are in right now God will never leave you nor forsake you. You have to go through the storm to get to the blessing. As I got back to the harbour the kiddies was waiting...I smiled and said God only kept R70 for us! My friend replied just enough for the icecream. Wow! God is awesome. Share this message today with someone who is going through a STORM. Xx

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