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HIIT (High Intensity Interval training) classes today!

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*Current FitMOM100 locations are in Durbanville & Paarl. 

A Healthy & active body creates a healthy mind, soul and spirit! 

Because I am a mommy myself I needed to do something for me... I fell in love with the feeling after a good workout.  I created FitMOM100 to help mommies feel worthy, fit, fabulous, positive and strong not only physically but also spiritually. A space where I can be me, surrounded by positive energy, “feel good” hormones pumping, where sweat becomes my glow and my workout becomes my happy place! I believe if you feel good about yourself you will climb any mountain, dance in any storm, face your giant and laugh without fear of the future.

My focus at FITMOM100 is to educate moms on good nutrition, a balanced lifestyle and to enjoy fun fitness. Being active plays a vital role in our well-being, our mood, our energy levels and our zest for life. The goal is to balance life’s stress & motherhood with the pursuit of health & fitness. Health & wellness starts with mom. Mom can pass on a healthy active lifestyle legacy in her home by being the example.

At Fitmom100 we build lasting friendships, we embrace motherhood and we fall in love with fitness. We give 100% in being MOM and being FIT!

Our website will be available soon! 




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