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    It was a lovely summer’s day the beginning of April 2015.  I opened the cupboard door and thought “how nice to see our medicine cupboard so empty…finally we’re all healthy”. Never knowing that only a few days later, it would be filled with needles, glucose test strips, insulin and all the extras going with Type 1 Diabetes. Our daughter Amy (4) was diagnosed, 9 April that year. Our lives instantly made a 180-degree turn.  

    I have always been an anxious person by nature, with the tendency to get depressed. This condition made me 1000 times worse. Anxiety kept on creeping closer and closer, and came part of my day to day life. I started taking medication ‘to cope better’ and became dependent…so dependent that I made notes on the calendar 3 days prior to next order. Just to make sure I would not run out of pills.

     A few dark and lonely months later, a complete stranger came running towards Amy and me in our town’s main road. On approach, she was breathless from running toward us. “I’m here to bring you a message,” she said. “Our Father has made it very clear it’s a message for you, which needs to be delivered today. He says you must have a relationship with Him, you and your family. Make time for Him. You cannot ask Him for things if you don’t want to have a relationship with Him. He loves you and especially this beautiful girl.”She kept on looking at Amy and said “what are you asking God?”I proceeded to tell her about Amy’s condition and that I am praying for healing. She laid her hands on Amy and started praying intensely for healing. Whilst praying, I heard another person walking fast and closer to us. I opened my eyes. Another lady joined us, lifted her hands above Amy’s head and whispered softly ‘Jesus, please Jesus’. She left once we were done with the prayer. The lady who prayed emphasized again I should have a relationship with God. Now, not later.

    I suddenly noticed how Christians were sent on my path. Whether it was just a short mom-to-mom talk after dropping off the kids at school or hearing people talk in a shop, the words ‘relationship with God’ seemed to pop up quite often.

    A few friends invited me to the next E-Woman event, which was held 15th October 2016, Chocolat Durbanville. At the end of a very inspirational evening, I walked towards Bianca, Founder of E-Woman, to thank her for the fruitful message but friends stopped me on my way asking how Amy was doing. At that stage, she was not too well and sugar levels were roller coasting from dangerous highs toterrifying lows. She was hospitalized that previous week. I had a meltdown. For long I’ve avoided talking about her. Whenever I did I started crying, almost uncontrollably. I walked up to Bianca who opened her arms, hugged me and said “healing is extremely close…I can feel it…healing is closer than you think”. It was the first time I met her. These words shook me off my feet. It was my turning point.Not yet understanding the different ways of which healing can manifest into, I believed that she was referring to Amy’s healing. Three days passed.  Tuesday morning, as my eyes opened my first thought was ‘that was a long and lonely desert, I’m so glad it’s over!’ It felt as if a mountain was lifted off my shoulders.
    Immediately I realized I was the one who was healed and needed healing the most. With that came trust. With that came hope. With that came inner peace. With that came acceptance and with that, gratefulness.  

    I became more and more aware of God’s presence and soon realized that I need Him -to grab onto, believe and trust in.

    November, 10th 2016

     A month later, I joined Fitmom100. Amy went with. Bianca stopped me as I left and asked whether it’s my daughter, touching Amy’s shoulder.

    “Amy is wearing the most beautiful crown”, she said. “It shines so bright that I had to look away a few times giving the class. It is covered in pearls, gems and diamonds. Jesus said I must tell you today that he really treasures you, loves you and carries you in His hands like a crown in the palm of His hands”. I told her she’s Type1Diabetic. We laid our hands on her and prayed for healing. The little bit of anxiety that was still in my body, left me. I got into the car and heard Him say; ‘silly you, you knew all the time how much I love her. You read in the Bible that I love my children so much, I know of every single hair that fall from their heads. Why didn’t you just believe it? Trust me’, He said. ‘You and Lara’ (my other precious daughter) ‘are just as special to me too. You felt so alone in your desert. Why? I gave you an Oasis of trees, clean fresh water, shade and fruit in abundance. I was there, right behind you. All you had to do was turn your head towards me. You chose to look away. I was there, just like I’m always here, right now too.’

    A few days passed. Every day I felt stronger and stronger. My relationship with God grew daily. I became so dependent on Him that I did not even realize my depression medication had finished a long time ago.

     A week later, the following verse was given to Amy:

    Isaiah 62:3

    ‘You will be a crown of splendor in the Lord’s hand, a royal diadem in the hand of your God’.

    Writing my journey, the following verse was given to me 4 times over 3 days:

    Jeremiah: 29:11

    ‘For I know the plans I have for you’, declares the Lord.  ‘Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.’

    Approximately 3 weeks ago, I started noticing crowns everywhere. A crown on a dashboard of a passing car, crowns on a coffee tray, a photo frame covered in crowns, ribbons with crowns, crowns on menus, mugs, phone messages with crowns, etc. All reminders of His Almighty power, love and grace.  

    Somebody once asked me how many times I cry a week. I said twice a day. The other day I thought about the question again and realized it changed to 3 times a day. Difference is that my tears are now tears of joy, gratefulness and thankfulness.

    Currently, Amy is doing extraordinary. She is one healthy, lively girl with a touch of tomboy. The Type 1 Diabetes is there, but thanks to the grace of our Heavenly Father, she is healthy and blessed in uncountable ways. There was a time where she was on antibiotics every 3 weeks. Now, I can't tell you when the last time she had to use it. I believe that healing comes in so many different ways, we don't know what and when physical illnesses He already healed, even that what we were not aware of can be taken away unknowingly. I now believe that God wants you to ask for help, because He wants to help, because He can and because He will, at His time though. 

    As she needs to be injected manually 4 to 6 times daily and blood levels need to be checked frequently (7 to 9 times daily in children this age), we felt that she's too small to take care of all of it right now so I've decided to Home school her for 2017, Grade R. What a calling and privilege! I'm no teacher, but because I believe it's a calling, I get strength and courage from God every day, enjoying every second of it. 

    This journey is far from over. I do believe in supernatural healing and cannot wait to see what our good good Father has installed for her. Will it always be easy? No. We are living in a world with all its challenges, but I do believe that, if we keep on walking with God, we will have the ability to accept His endless love and guidance, making each challenge or storm so much easier to handle.   

    Yolanda Andrews







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