A few weeks before the E-Woman event at Ashanti, a work colleague came to me one morning and said that he received a message from God that he had to pray with me. There and then he took my hands and we prayed. This past weekend I was at a family reunion and a woman who I have never met prayed for me. The more I think about this past year in particular, I realised how much God actually spoken to me through other people. People who received word in their hearts that they must convey Gods message to me. He loves me and He is there for me through all of this.  You received the message to pray for me on the 24th. In all of this, there is Hope because He is with each and one of us. My rooster painting is not just for me... it is for everyone!
I have attended a few of the E-Woman events in the past and every event was special to me.  Every time i was reminded of how good our Heavenly Father is to me and basically to everyone really.
Although at the last one I attended I was given a very special gift. My gift did not just represented Hope to me but also Patience.  The Lord hears my every prayer, request, words, sees every tear I shed.  I was given the very special painting of a rooster, which was inspired by Psalm 5:3 "My voice you shall hear in the morning. Oh Lord. In the morning I will direct it to You. And I will look up.” The painting is more than just a rooster to me.

I was diagnosed in 2014 with Adrenal Cortex Carcinoma - basically cancer of the adrenal gland - 4 months after the birth of my daughter. That was very emotional / hard for me as I had to undergo surgery and had to send my baby for 2 months to my mother to look after. (My husband had to take care of my boy who was 3 at the time) Long story short, I had 2 operations, 6 months of Chemo, 6 months of radiation (a year on temp disability due to treatment) and finished in January 2018 with my 2nd chemo treatment (another 6 months of hell).  I went through all the emotions, tears, side effects of chemo (not once but twice) and every other medication / tests that could help and basically decided what must be will be. Nothing more can be done, as there is just not enough research to treat it. But I pushed through.
It is what it is.  

I have made peace with it so to say.  People see me as a strong person. But really I'm just a normal mother of 2 beautiful kids and a wife.  No use for me to sit in a corner and cry over something I have absolutely NO control over. I have to be the best mother to my kids, wife to my husband while I still can. Some people think I am in denial, but I have given my situation to God. It is and always was in his hands. Man can assist but ultimately it is God's will that will prevail.  
Funny thing was that during the last event (24 Feb 2018) I was given the hair voucher and I still thought to myself- "How ironic for God to give me this voucher for someone who has lost her hair due to chemo" and my plan was to pay it forward to some one in the audience. But then God had other plans and I was given the painting.  I was so proud of my rooster that on the Monday morning I told everyone at works about my experience and my special rooster. The confirmation that God hears us. Always!
I framed it and it is hanging in my office at work since that is I where spent most of my time and I can be reminded daily that God will never ignore us. He has not forsaken us.

"Sometimes darkness will show you the light"







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